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Julius Wechter Discography

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Below is a table of all known Baja Marimba Band 45 RPM singles, along with some picture sleeves.

Baja Marimba Band Singles Listing
Almo Int'l 2011Comin' In The Back Door02:14
Almo Int'l 2012December's Child02:07
Almo Int'l 2031Moonglow/Picnic Theme02:12
Almo Int'l 2032Acapulco 192202:07
Almo Int'l 2061Wincle Lamoyan Coan (A KSFO Fan)02:10Non-album track
Almo Int'l 2062Pedro's Porch, Part II02:44
Almo Int'l 2071Woody Woodpecker Song
Almo Int'l 2072Up Cherry Street
Almo Int'l 2111Baja Ska02:03Non-album track
Almo Int'l 2112Samba De Orpheu02:55
Almo Int'l 2161Juarez
Almo Int'l 2162Guacamole
Almo Int'l 2181Brasilia02:36
Almo Int'l 2182Goin' Out The Side Door02:33
Almo Int'l 2281For Animals Only02:20
Almo Int'l 2282Yellow Bird02:50
Almo Int'l 2311How Much Is That Doggie In The Window01:55
Almo Int'l 2312Puff The Magic Dragon02:28
A&M 8031Yours02:45
A&M 8032Last Of The Red Hot Llamas02:40
A&M 8161Portuguese Washerwoman01:54
A&M 8162Telephone Song02:05
A&M 8241Ghost Riders In The Sky03:00
A&M 8242Sabor A Mi02:52
A&M 8331The Cry Of The Wild Goose02:05
A&M 8332Spanish Moss03:16
A&M 8431Georgy Girl02:32
A&M 8432¡Cabeza Arriba! (¡Heads Up!)02:33
A&M 8621Along Comes Mary02:15Picture sleeve
A&M 8622The Wall Street Rag01:52Picture sleeve
Frank Devito Vocal
Non-album track
A&M 8921Fowl Play02:07
A&M 8922Sounds Of Silence02:45
A&M 9131Sunday Mornin'02:40
A&M 9132Fiddler On The Roof01:49
A&M 9371Yes Sir, That's My Baby02:09Picture Sleeve
A&M 9372Brasilia (New Uptempo Version)01:43Picture sleeve
Non-album track
A&M 9751I Say A Little Prayer02:28
A&M 9752Do You Know The Way To San Jose?02:30
A&M10051Flyin' High
A&M10052Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
A&M10471Peru '68
A&M10472Big Red
A&M10781I Don't Want To Walk Without You02:45Julius Wechter, vocal
A&M10782I'll Marimba You02:11
A&M11261Fresh Air
A&M11361Can You Dig It? Part I02:45Promo
Non-album track
A&M11362Can You Dig It? Part II02:40Promo
Non-album track
A&M1186-S1Picasso Summer02:57Promo
Non-album track
A&M1186-S2Samba Nuevo01:59Promo
A&M1281-S1As Time Goes By03:18
A&M1281-S2Spanish Flea02:20
A&M85141Comin' In The Back DoorReissue
A&M85142Moonglow/Picnic ThemeReissue
A&M85151Ghost Riders In The SkyReissue
A&M85152Georgy GirlReissue
A&MAM85161Along Comes Mary02:15Reissue (Canada)
A&MAM85162Yes Sir, That'S My Baby02:09Reissue (Canada)
A&M85171Do You Know The Way To San Jose?Reissue
A&M85172Fiddler On The RoofReissue
A&M85181The Cry Of The Wild GooseReissue
A&M85182Portuguese WasherwomanReissue
BELL453391Theme From "Deep Throat"02:44Promo Stereo
BELL453392Theme From "Deep Throat"02:44Promo Mono
BELL453391Theme From "Deep Throat"02:44
BELL453392Do You Want To Dance?02:25
BELL453761Anytime Of The Year (Bashana Haba'Ah)02:32Promo Stereo
BELL453762Anytime Of The Year (Bashana Haba'Ah)02:32Promo Mono
BJ(NO #)1Abondonado03:08Matrix # BJ121031
BJ(NO #)2Shout (Hafanana)03:40Matrix # BJ51035

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